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Is High Board room pay
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Staff Retention

February 5, 2015

There is now a marked shift towards retention of staff.

Companies usually can't replace the loss of company knowledge when staff leave.
Today staff know their value, the best people being fought over by top companies and the competition can always beat you on salary, bonus and package.


It is obviously best to keep existing staff and avoid the high cost of replacing staff, including lost productivity and efficiency. When someone leaves the company there will be a decrease in morale of the remaining employees with the risk of losing even more staff.


- There is a need to "re-recruit" key staff --- every month.
- Ask them for their ideas on how to improve the company.
- Retain staff by --- training and development, stock options, flexible working and the option of home working.
- Offer them a career change -- within the company.
This will send a positive message to everyone that the company is willing to invest in their employees.


Value your staff highly and give them your attention.
Staff retention needs good management and a respected workforce.


You can't beat a great culture. People don’t leave companies --- people leave people.






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