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Group Financial Controller
Location: West London
Salary: Interim Daily Rate

International Sales and Marketing Manager
Location: London
Salary: £40,000 to £50,000 -- plus commission

Channel Head - Contact Centre
Location: Bahrein
Salary: £28,000 (Tax Free)

Project Manager - Mobile content provider
Location: London
Salary: £60,000 Plus benefits

Sales Manager - Mobile content provider London
Location: London
Salary: £100,000 OTE - Plus benefits package

Business Development Manager - Major European telco
Location: London
Salary: £140,000 - Plus benefits package

IT Manager - Distribution Company South East
Location: UK - South East
Salary: £75,000 Plus benefits

Director of Operations - Finance company London
Location: London
Salary: £90,000 - Plus performance benefits

Sales Executive
Location: West London
Salary: £140,000 - Plus benefits package

Interim Manager IT - Executive Consultant
Location: London
Salary: £600 to £700 per Day

Hair and Beauty Salon Manager
Location: London
Salary: £50,000 - negotiable

Hair and Beauty Salon Manager
Location: Monaco
Salary: £50,000 - negotiable

Early Childhood Care Consultant
Location: Dubai
Salary: 50,000 to 60,000

European Sales and Marketing Manager Lighting Products
Location: London
Salary: 80,000

Senior Hair Stylist
Location: London West End
Salary: 30,000 to 40,000

Senior Spa Therapist
Location: London West End
Salary: 25,000 to 30,000

COMMERCIAL MANAGER (Sales and Marketing) / Africa
Location: Africa
Salary: USD 60,000 TO 90,000

Senior Network Architect - Contract 3 months
Location: London
Salary: 500 per day

Network Design Engineer- Contract 3 months
Location: London
Salary: 400 per Day

Voice Design Engineer - Contract 3 months
Location: London
Salary: 400 per Day

Head of Modelling On line Gaming - Poker
Location: Ireland
Salary: 80,000 to 90,000

Head of CRM On line Gaming - Poker
Location: Ireland
Salary: 100,000 to 120,000

Finance Manager - West London
Location: London
Salary: 30,000 to 40,000

Kitchen Design Consultant Lebanon
Location: Lebanon
Salary: 40,000

International Sales Executive Lottery Systems
Location: London
Salary: 41.000 to 47.000

Commercial Manager / Operations Manager
Location: Africa
Salary: USD 50,000 to 60,000

Business Data Analyst
Location: london
Salary: KH - 1080

Big Data Sales Manager
Location: London
Salary: 60,000

Big Data Sales VP International
Location: London City
Salary: 130,000 to 150,000

Operations Manager - Africa
Location: Africa
Salary: US$ 54,000 Negotiable (tax free)

Graduate Accounts Assistant


Employment Law

HR Outsourcing

The War For Talent

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Employee - Conflict Resolution

February 5, 2015

HR legislation is daunting for employers, and many managers are fearful of employment law and the complexity of the procedures. They are worried about potential costs and compensation claims. We can give managers more confidence by coaching them or even role-playing a situation.

This work is not really outsourcing as much as it is training. Everything in the workplace today is so formalised, and managers are scared of talking to their staff, or of asking them how they feel.

Such behaviour is not good for an organisation, You can’t outsource disciplinary processes – they have to be handled by line managers. A line manager’s job is to make sure the team is performing, and any issue is in the first instance for the line manager to deal with. Some parts of HR are very difficult to outsource, and discipline is one. Dealing with a problem at work is all about trust, and it’s up to the organisation to decide how to deal with the problem.

Cost, such a common reason for outsourcing other areas of HR, is rarely the focus when it comes to dealing with staff problems. However, technology could be. A well-built IT system that ensures a proper audit trail could be extremely valuable if a case escalates. A lack of skills is a good reason to turn to outsourcers, but even here it pays to think long and hard about who is doing what: there still needs to be a strong strategic element in the firm's thinking.

Using Outsourcers can be useful in specific cases. If, for example, there is a grievance against a member of the HR team, the need to be seen as independent would be important. Or a company might benefit from an independent outsider after a dispute has been settled, to ensure the issue is finally laid to rest and that it does not become corrosive.


Outsourcing has traditionally focused on administrative or lower-grade HR functions, but increasingly companies are turning to outsourcers to handle disciplinary cases and grievances, too.



















For more advice on Conflict Resolution  -- please contact us.


We can outsource all of your selected HR functions.

We can also recruit staff for you either working externally or in-house on your premises.



Knight Hamilton Search - offer guidance on the latest employment law issues -- at our next HR Conference on 23 July.


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