We offer a range of web design services using our carefully selected low cost but high quality professional web designers and developers from Romania. These include the very latest web technologies in web design, web development and search engine optimization (SEO).

Crucial elements of Web Design

The Knight Hamilton Web Services team offers total professionalism in web design, programming, copywriting, web marketing and project management. The members of our team invest their knowledge, experience, creativity and passion in every project we develop.

Only through the talent of each of member of our team, do we succeed in offering the best services to our clients. The main differences of Knight Hamilton Web Services compared to other web design companies is that, when creating and developing a website, Knight Hamilton takes into consideration “all “ of the crucial elements: including web branding, web usability and every page designed for SEO. (Search Engine Optimisation)

To achieve all of these essential web design features – on every project - we use in combination - the skills of a branding-specialized creative director, an experienced web designer and of a senior web development manager.

We believe that constant communication is a very important part of the process, so there will always be an account manager available, that will constantly keep you informed of the evolution of your project, assimilating at the same time all the information and suggestions that you are offering.

Web design and development

Whether you already have a website for your business, or you have a business that needs an effective website designed quickly, then we are just the right solution for you.

We offer professional web services that satisfy even the highest expectations. Every client, large or small, gets our full attention focused towards their project. We see every website that we develop as a tool to help our clients obtain a better success in their business, and we have reference web site examples to prove that we really understand our business.

Included services:
  • web design
  • website development, using the latest technologies
  • presentation websites
  • corporate websites
  • on-line portals
  • on-line shops / e-commerce
  • content management systems
  • web-based software applications
  • re-design and maintenance

The Knight Hamilton Content Management System

Knight Hamilton Web Services offer a complex but very simple to use Content Management System (CMS) , used for managing the entire content of a website. Through our CMS you can have an easy to manage website that can successfully present your products or services in a very professional manner. You can make your own changes instantly – with professional results.

Our CMS was developed based on the client's needs. You can - in just a few seconds - modify the content of the pages, add new categories or products, edit their specifications, modify the contact information, etc. without the need of having any IT or internet knowledge.

Please contact us for more details or information on how to purchase our - low cost, but high quality - range of services and products.

Branding and web identity

To have a Brand means that you are the only owner of a place on the map of the consumer's mind. But the brand definition is less important. What is important is to understand the enormous potential of the Internet when it comes to creating notoriety and loyalty towards the brand. The internet has a great advantage over the classic and traditional media: it is a subjective environment. The Brand has the unique opportunity of a face-to-face encounter with each visitor of the website.

The internet itself is an intimate environment, that allows the creation of the appropriate atmosphere where the Brand can directly communicate with every visitor. That is why the website has to reflect and project the true identity of the Brand: the personality, the message and the values.

Included services:
  • visual web identity
  • logo design
  • web and paper prints
  • advertising materials

Multimedia services

We are permanently preoccupied with image and the very latest tendencies of web design, and that can be seen in the professional detailed aspects of our work.

Our multimedia services include:
  • flash banners and animations
  • flash websites
  • AS3 programming for flash
  • multimedia presentations (web or CD)
  • interactive maps

Web optimization / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you tired of paying money on web advertising and web public relations without getting significant results? Try our search engine optimization (SEO) services and you will see how your website will get more visitors, and you will get more clients.

Why is it necessary for my site to be web optimized?
Your website must be optimized for search engines, because large search engines (like Google, Yahoo! and MSN) bring most of the traffic; traffic represents more people interested in your product, and the people interested in your product bring profit.

Web optimization for search engines consists of the actual processing and analyzing of a website with challenge of obtaining a higher website position in the results of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Web optimization (search engine optimization -- or simply SEO) is the process that "arranges" / organizes or "dresses up" a website to be better indexed by the search engines. The objective of any web optimization is to get that website on the first page of Google, Yahoo! and MSN search results.

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to realize the importance of SEO, and that the success of a website depends very much on the ability of that respective website to be listed highly by major search engines. The traffic generated by the largest search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, and the number of potential clients that discover the services offered by a company, can easily make the difference between a successful company and an unknown one.

To reach the top search engine rankings and stay there, a website needs to be optimized and continuously improved, facing a market that is in constant evolution and change.

The great advantage of SEO is that it has to be done only once. However it is therefore important that it is done properly. We also provide weekly reviews and analysis of your web site search engine results, including keyword optimisation and study of your web visitor page statistics etc. These procedures will continually help your web site to obtain good search engine listings and give you the best chance of achieving the objective of being on the first page of search engines search results - the best promotion method.

The results shown on the first result pages of search engines are, generally, websites that have been web optimized (SEO) for search engines. Expensive “paid for” sponsored advertising can place company adverts on the first page (in the sponsored section) but web users prefer to use the naturally selected “results “that the search engine considers to be most relevant to the users search requests.