Typical situations in which a senior interim manager can help to make a significant contribution:

  • Business Development/Sales
  • Business Improvement
  • Rapid Expansion
  • Office Relocation
  • New Products
  • New Markets
  • Mergers / Aquisitions
  • MBOs/ MBIs/IPOs
  • Joint Ventures
  • Business Turnaround
  • Corporate Crisis
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Critical Skills Gap
  • Functional Projects

Business Development and Sales

Our experienced industry sales professionals can save a client recruiting expensive sales people and provide immediate help for a short period or longer period, to ensure early sales, whilst a client is recruiting their permanent sales team. They can also strengthen an existing sales team, bring in new skills and a wide range of new business client contacts
They can close sales fast, overcome sales staff shortages and use their good experience to help to maintain our clients' competitive edge. They can bring in a wide range of new business client contacts.

Business Improvement

Interim managers have delivered significant business improvements for many companies. Companies who use them are gaining immediate access to their experience and have a guarantee that results will be delivered fast.

Rapid Expansion

For companies that need to be able to expand and contract at short notice - interim management is the perfect resourcing solution. It delivers an experienced management team, handpicked for each situation - which can expanded or contracted - as and when required.

Office Relocation

Relocation of office or factory facilities, their expansion or consolidation

New Products/Markets

The launch of new products are time critical. In today's fast-moving environment there is no time to waste and no room for failure. Product and service innovation is often relentless, new markets emerge constantly. Interims can save clients recruiting permanent sales staff e.g. for maybe just a new product launch with a period of sales follow up.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition places a lot of pressure on existing staff, distracts them from day-to-day tasks and creates uncertainty. Interim managers can relieve this pressure, ensure economies are achieved, service levels maintained and customer transfer smoothly achieved. They absorb the additional workload and have the experience to support managers who have not been through the process before.


The interim manager will help the board during this critical time of massive change by acting as a counsel and relieving them of some of the inevitably increased workload. With buyouts, buy-ins and IPOs there no room for failure. A good example of interim use is with call centre consolidation. If the company concerned has had its call centre function provided by the old parent company, a critical first step for the new call centre management team is to set up a new contact centre and migrate customers to it as smoothly as possible. An interim call centre manager can be carefully selected to deliver this specific project.
Our experienced - M & A interim business development managers can source equity finance, assist with mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructures and company break-ups/disposals. They can carry out pre-acquisition evaluation, due diligence and post acquisition integration. They can also help with MBOs/MBIs.

Joint Ventures

Companies starting a joint venture each have their own directors, so a joint venture can get bogged down in inter-company politics and vested interests. An interim manager has the experience to deal with both companies at the highest level, and the independence to say what's in the interest of the venture itself. As a result, the joint venture achieves its full potential and all the partners benefit.

Business Turnaround

In the turnaround of a company division or function, the right decisions must be taken fast. Interim managers who are turnaround specialists can quickly assess a company's situation, see where company strategy is failing, and bring their good experience and impartiality to bear. If poor performance is a critical part of the problem, the interim specialist can recommend and implement the changes required. They can cut through the historical clutter to see exactly what needs to be done, and then help the management team do it either by getting hands-on or by mentoring the management team. This can include grooming key managers to take over the running of the company and to continue the good work once the interim manager has left.
Cost reduction and service level improvement are extremely important.

Corporate Crises and Strategy

A new competitor has entered the market, finances are under threat, the critical IT system is way over due and off budget, a huge hole has been found in the accounts, the Chief Executive has left and joined a rival, you are facing a hostile takeover, you are threatened by a huge brand scandal or industrial action. The crises a company can face are unpredictable, demand a unique set of skills and put management under enormous pressure. A well-chosen senior interim call centre manager will have been through exactly the same situation before, will know what action needs to be taken and will be able to support and mentor the management team throughout the crisis and also advise on future corporate strategy and direction.

Critical Skills Gap

Interim call centre managers are the perfect to plug a short-term, business critical gap created by an unexpected departure or by an unexpected contract win.

Functional projects

Interim managers are ideal for help with functional projects including business process re-engineering, IT, statistical quality analysis, logistics, personnel and training, new products, export and sales development.

Turnaround of the company division or function
Pre-acquisition evaluation and due diligence
Post acquisition integration
Relocation of office or factory facilities, their expansion or consolidation
Functional projects - business process re-engineering, IT, statistical quality analysis, logistics, personnel and training, new products, export and sales development
Advise on corporate strategy and direction.