The Philippines is presently ranked among the world's top four offshore destinations offering one of the world's most competitive Call Centre and Business Process Outsourcing environments. It has a young well educated workforce.

The country enjoys a competitive advantage in the call center market and outsourcing, specifically because of the Filipinos' high level of English proficiency, strong customer orientation, highly-developed telecommunications infrastructure, competitive cost structure and the country's 95% literacy rate.

The unique culture of the Philippines has a strong Western orientation and Western influenced culture that clearly distinguishes the country from other offshore destinations.

The Philippines was an American territory for close to 50 years. Many visitors are surprised at the Western orientation of the Philippines urban centers. The Philippines follows Western business practices and is one of the easier places to do business in Asia.

The Philippines has the highest growth potential for the next years to come. Well-known for its labor force, which is characterized as highly-skilled, helpful and friendly, the Philippines is poised as the offshore destination of choice for Call Centre & Business Process Outsourcing specializing in customer focused and data management services.

The Philippines has one of the world's largest English speaking populations. Over three million college graduates enter the workforce every year, providing a tremendous pipeline for talent.
Filipino is the official national language, with English considered as the country's unofficial one and is the medium of education at university. The people who work for us have a very high level of English and a neutral accent. The Filipino accent and pronunciation is much clearer than the Indian accent.

The Telecommunications infrastructure is well developed. Broadband telecommunication access in the Philippines is abundant and reliable through close to ten different internationally backed telecommunications providers and ISP's. Telecommunications carriers can easily deploy high speed access connections straight to the internet backbone or point to point locations across the world.

The Filipinos' familiarity with Western business practices and application of accounting as well as legal systems of the US have also bolstered the Philippines' position in possessing a quality workforce suited for the call center industry. Many leading multinationals use the Philippines as a global or regional center for customer services or back office processing. Over the past few years, companies such as America Online, Caltex, Procter & Gamble, and Barnes and Noble have built large scale service centers to launch their offshore initiatives.