Through an interim manager your organisation gains - at very short notice - a high calibre, heavyweight, experienced, all-in-one project manager, consultant or senior executive working at or near board level. Someone who can act as a mentor to your management team, bring their years of experience to your situation and provide practical support.
Some companies simply need to add extra impetus to a crucial strategy or want to employ extra short-term management skills whilst they face a corporate crisis. Others use interim managers to plug a short-term, business critical gap created by an unexpected departure of key personnel or by an unexpected contract win!

Knight Hamilton Interim Managers offer

Immediate start  – or within 2 days of our clients request.

Fast results - interim managers are "over qualified" for the work and focus on achieving results. They are only as good as their last placement - so their track record and performance really count. They are used to being judged by results so they know how to deliver.

Take Responsibilty - An interim manager will develop much more than just recommendations, the interim manager will take full ownership and responsibility for implementation.

External view - An interim manager will bring a very experienced external view and will transfer a large amount of skills and experience to your team that will remain after the interim has left.

Knowledge transfer - An interim manager will transfer a huge amount of skill, contacts and experience to your team which will remain long after they have left.

Objectivity - while sensitive to the company's ethos, they will not be constrained by company politics, personalities or protocols.

Focus - they can be assigned a critical task and their performance measured against it.

Delivery - they can act as counsel to the Board - but then they will roll up their sleeves and also deliver the strategy.