We have well defined and documented processes for all the activities and phases of our offshore software development, including:

Our Activities and Methods

  • Process Mapping
  • Process centric activity
  • Change management
  • Tools for change management
  • Tools for risk management and issue management
  • Continuous, focused and formatted communication
  • Adherence to the basic tenets of Project Management
    (PM-Initiation, planning, execution, control and closing)
  • Implementation of measurable metrics for the life cycle of a project
  • Established risk management and risk mitigation practices
  • Well defined Quality Management Systems
  • Well laid out Intellectual Property Practices
  • Enablers and tools to implement processes and project management on a remote basis

Our IT Client Project Processes (Outline) include:

Client first meeting
  • Agree Specification, standards, quality processes
  • Obtain the requirement definition
  • Recommend method of proceeding
  • Review clients Plan
  • Agree cost and payment terms

Develop detailed project plan
  • Quality review deliverables
  • Detailed analysis of clients requirements
  • Study clients processes
  • Agree on processes upfront
  • Understand all assumptions
  • Agree project stages
  • Breakdown Stages
  • Confirm the time and resource estimates
  • Agree on contingency plans
  • Agree plan and budget
  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed design
  • Walk-troughs
  • Go through a full cycle of the project -- all the steps leading up to going live
  • Demonstrate transparency and proactive planning
  • Provide the required systems environment
  • Obtain software packages
  • Sign off all

Develop Project - Software
  • We ensure that all the UK client project specifications and requirements are fully understood
    -- by the Filipino project managers and their software development teams.
  • We carry out daily liaison with the Philippines throughout each project
    -- including regular monitoring, checking and controlling until final delivery and acceptance of the project by our UK clients.
  • Stages - test each stage - sign off
  • Regular client review meetings
  • Reviews and testing

  • Use the first module delivered from the Philippines - Parallel processing by client
  • Deliver modules
  • Acceptance tests - formal hand-over to the client
  • Sign off

Follow up meetings