UK Call Centre Project Management

Romanian call centre agents are world class - but there is a known shortage of experienced project managers in Romania and Eastern Europe - so we provide the "essential" onshore UK project management of our offshore Romanian call centres - with our very experienced UK project management team.

Knight Hamilton therefore provide - an ideal combination - of good (low cost) call centre agents in Romania and the necessary onshore UK project management control and delivery of UK clients' call centre projects.

Our very experienced call centre project management team in the UK ensure that call centre projects are delivered on time and on budget with full quality control.

Our UK project management team ensure that all the client call centre project requirements are fully understood by the Romanian call centre teams. We carry out daily liason with Romania throughout each project including -- regular monitoring, checking and controlling.

Romanian Call Centre Teams

After detailed studies of Romanian call centres including extensive study tours of Romania - we have chosen the very best Romanian call centre teams as our partners.

Our Romanian call centre teams have experience in delivering major call center projects on time and on budget with full quality control. Due to their excellent English and similar culture to the UK-- our Romanian team fully understand all the UK client call centre requirements.

Call centres from other countries are also available.