We have listed just some of our important interview advice below:

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Today with so many executives chasing a rapidly reducing number of job vacancies, it is a necessity for candidates to have an up-to-date awareness of the job market and future employment trends, together with a targeted Career Plan and the very best job search skills and tools. These should include a professional current CV, a methodical and targeted approach to job search and good interview skills.

Interview Advice

1) Research the company ie. company profile, successes, management style, dress code etc.
If possible find out your interviewer's style, likes and dislikes. Prepare a list of questions to ask e.g.
- Is there a planned career development path?
- What are the companies plans for product development, new markets, industries, diversification, etc.

2) 70% of the impression you make will come from your non-verbal communication.
- Your body language is crucially important at interviews.
- First impressions count, so smile, give good eye contact and a firm handshake.
- Your interviewers raised eyebrows or crossed arms and legs are clear signs that they did not understand you, or are not happy with your response.
- Dress according to the companies dress code and culture.

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- clothes / color
- co-ordination, etc.
-- Dress to impress !!!

3) Responding to questions e.g. (Try to assess what the interviewer is looking for)
- Why are you seeking new employment ?
- Do not denigrate your present employer. Be positive --- e.g. Lack of development and  training opportunities.
- What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
- The best weaknesses are disguised strengths. e.g. Not stretched or challenged.
- What attracted you to this organization ?
- I believe that your organization will help my career aspirations and development and I am confident that I can add value to the job.