Interim Management

Knight Hamilton provides international Interim Managers at executive and senior management level, to enable our major corporate clients to overcome staff shortages and also exploit and manage new technology for business advantage.

We can introduce, within 2 days, Interim Managers across all industries and disciplines - including Directors, Senior Managers and  technical specialists experienced in  IT, Telecoms, IT Security, Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Scientists - Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Change Management, Mergers and Acquisitions and Financial Services, Finance and Accounting, General management, Production and Operations, Supply Chain Management and Human Resources.

Knight Hamilton Interim Managers can immediately assist  clients in specific areas including -

 Information Security and Risk Management talent. 
 Big Data, Microsoft Dynamics, Application Infrastructure & Support Business Intelligence & Data  Warehousing


We have Interim IT Security and Big Data Sales, Marketing, Engineers and Consultants 

Whether you are an Employer in need of an Interim Manager specialist in IT security, Big Data or Business Intelligence - or you are an Interim Manager in these areas looking to develop a confidential relationship with a specialized head hunter and recruiter –

- we invite you to call us today.

We provide both Interim and Permanent  Sales, Marketing and Technical Professional's across the UK and internationally, as permanent staff  including :

Sales Executive, Account Manager, Business Development Executive/Manager, Partner Manager, Channel Manager, Alliance Manager, Sales Manager and/or Sales Director

Big Data Architects, Big Data Engineers, Mid to Senior level Data Scientists,

- Data Analysts, Heads of Analytics / CTOs, Analytics Consultants and Big Data Consultants

Check/CLAS consultants, Secure systems design, Penetration testing, Ethical hacking, Forensic computing, Information assurance, Software & systems engineering,

SOC support analysts, Project managers, Security Cleared (SC) personnel

Knight Hamilton offers Interim Managers  with specialised industry knowledge in the markets we know best: Information Security, Business Transformation, Big Data, Microsoft Dynamics, Application Infrastructure & Support and Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing.  In each sector we have Interim Managers who have worked in their specialist fields for many years.


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Our Interim Managers are seasoned senior level executives and are immediately effective. They are very experienced, focused, mature, assignment-driven and "hands on". They can help to overcome staff shortages, bring in new skills, keep projects on-time, solve project difficulties and help to maintain a clients' competitive edge.

Clients often initially think that they need a management consultant but eventually decide to use an interim manager. Senior directors in many UK companies believe that interim managers offer clear advantages over management consultants.

Clients can therefore save the high cost of recruiting permanent staff, when new skills are required for short or medium term periods.

Speak to one of our Interim Management Consultants today.

If you need an interim manager, please contact us with your required job role and objectives. We will then obtain the specific interim manager for you within a few days.

Interim Managers are one of the most significant resourcing tools available today:
Interim Management - is the leasing of a manager for a defined period of time, enabling you to implement change, to fill unexpected gaps in a company or manage a project.

Whatever the size or sector of your organisation, you can be assured that our Interim Managers are used to moving into challenging situations and providing immediate solutions for our clients. Our interim management pool is available in the UK and worldwide at short notice, to clients requiring additional management strength - for as long as is required to complete the task

Clients including times 100 corporates, service companies, consultancies, public sector organisations, SMEs and charities use our candidates to turnaround companies, overcome corporate crises, launch products, produce new marketing programmes, restructure manufacturing operations, etc.

Anywhere that very experienced and effective managers are needed fast, including:

A fast replacement for a key executive who has departed abruptly.
Providing a specific set of skills or experience on a temporary basis.

Supplementing and strengthening a team.

Building up a new business, division or team to carry out or accelerate a project.

Interim Managers on international assignments are carefully selected for their fluency in the required countries language and for their knowledge of the business practices and culture of the particular country.

Our Interim Managers

Knight Hamilton has brought together a very experienced team of interim managers. Our many years of combined experience have enabled us to gather a wide variety of carefully selected , heavyweight Interim Managers from which we select the best available candidate for the job quickly.

We have several hundred pre-selected names to choose from, These have been selected as being the most experienced executives of the many thousands that we have interviewed over the years. And it's an ongoing process - we continue to interview many new potential Interim Managers every week.

Our skill lies in using our extensive combined experience and precise knowledge of your requirements to accurately find an interim manager most suited to your assignment brief -- in the minimum amount of time.



Your Requirements

We always recommend meeting in person to get a full briefing before taking on an assignment. in order to gain a clear understanding of your needs.
Knight Hamilton will provide a clear definition of key milestones, regular progress reports and measurement of our Interim Managers performance.

If you need an interim manager - please contact us with a description of the role and objectives you require. Then the right candidate can be obtained quickly.