Instant Sales Team – available today! (or just one sales executive)

Professional IT interim sales experts (or other industry sales) that know your product, your market and industry, experienced in IT and Telecoms (and other markets) -- including interim IT sales managers, marketing managers, IT sales executives, IT sales contractors and IT sales temps.
At rates from £350 per day -- depending on contract length.

Do you need new sales this month?

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We can introduce, at short notice, interim sales managers, sales contractors and sales temps across all industries and disciplines including IT, Telecoms, Financial Services and many others.

With an interim Sales Rescue sales team including a sales manager your organisation gains - at very short notice - high caliber, experienced, all-in-one sales experts at any level including at or near board level. They can also act as mentors, to your sales team and bring their years of sales experience to your situation.

Why recruit an expensive full time heavyweight sales team or sales executive? -- that may not be needed full time.

Sales Rescue interim sales executives are available NOW! -- in the UK and worldwide.
-- from 1 week to 6 months -- or longer -- for clients that need fast sales help.

Sales Rescue - Experienced Sales Professionals

The Sales Rescue management sales team have over 120 years combined industry sales experience, across the breadth of IT, Telecoms and technology fields. Therefore we speak your language and can quickly understand your business and market criteria.

William Knight-Hamilton (our Managing Director) has been in the IT and Telecoms industry for nearly 40 Years (including 30 years major account sales) and he has wide experience in IT and Telecoms business development, sales and sales management (building sales teams).
Therefore he can select good sales executives and chooses only the best performers for Sales Rescue -- i.e. sales people who still make good consistent sales, whilst keeping customer goodwill.

William is also available as an interim sales manager to develop new business for our clients. Using this option we can therefore fully understand our clients sales environment and be able to find the right interim sales manager and sales team for those clients.

We also have our own telemarketing team to support our sales team -- for telesales, appointment setting, surveys, support etc. This team is also available separately to assist our clients.

Our Interim Sales Team

Our interim sales teams -- are seasoned sales executives who are immediately effective. They are very experienced, focused, mature, assignment-driven and "hands on" being sales team players and business winners who are achievers and can add immediate value.

Our experienced industry sales professionals can save a client recruiting expensive sales people and provide immediate help for a short period or longer period, to ensure early sales, whilst a client is recruiting their permanent sales team. They can also strengthen an existing sales team, bring in new skills and a wide range of new business client contacts.

Many clients turn to our sales interim managers when they are planning a merger/acquisition, an MBO/MBI or are selling an operation. Some need additional sales and marketing support as they are planning a new launch or targeting an unfamiliar market. Our sales interim managers are often called in to manage specific business critical sales projects.

Some companies simply need to add extra impetus to a crucial marketing strategy or want to employ extra short-term sales or marketing skills whilst they face a corporate crisis. Others use our interim sales managers to plug a short-term, business critical gap created by an unexpected sales team departure or by an unexpected contract win!

Additional Services

We provide experienced sales and marketing professionals including:
Interim marketing executive, interim marketing managers, interim executive manager, UK interim management, UK interim manager, interim sales management, interim sales managers, sales effectiveness consultant, sales coaching team, independent sales contractor.

Our immediate sales and marketing help includes:
Increase sales marketing strategy, increase in sales immediately, sales process consulting, sales effectiveness consulting business, sales specialist recruitment, advanced sales manager support, sales team motivation.

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