All Industries and Job Types Our Candidates include:

All Industries and Job Types:

We headhunt senior and board-level interim managers as well as at all management levels including project executives, project managers, programme directors and change management. Our candidates are carefully selected from thousands of candidate applications and include MDs, CEOs, Finance Directors, Chief Technology Officers, Human Resource Managers, Marketing managers, Sales Managers, Call Centre Managers, Operations Managers and Supply Chain specialists.

Candidates can be provided for any corporate role in any major discipline or industry including:
IT Directors
Change Management
IT Project Management
General Management
Operations Management
Financial Management
Human Resources Management
Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Public Relations
Business Development
Call Centre Management

All industry sectors including: IT, Retail, Food & Beverage,Telecoms, Banking & Insurance, Public Sector, Local Government and Transport.

Also specialists can be provided in many areas including:

E-commerce. M-commerce
CRM, ERP, SAP, ASP, Security, Data Warehousing etc.
Development skills including Microsoft and Java etc.
Mobile 3G developments, improving ARPU, content management, billing systems etc.
Broadband, telco networks, billing systems etc.
Mainframe and legacy systems
Web site design strategies and development.