Knight Hamilton provide very low cost Offshore IT software development skills from Romania for our clients -- whether it's for a new software development project to be completed quickly, a long term development project, or for IT skill sets that our clients do not have available.

We provide all the latest IT skills and technologies including MS Skills (.NET), Java (J2EE) etc. and Web Services etc. at very low cost and high quality from Romania.

Overcome the IT skills crises -- Don't risk your company being left behind because you cannot get hold of skilled IT staff for your vital company projects.

With the very low costs and high quality of Romanian developers - more projects can be completed within your budget and time constraints i.e. increase your speed of development and significantly reduce your production costs.

Permanent recruitment

We also recruit IT staff directly for employment in Romania for our UK clients.This is currently very popular due to the low Romanian salaries compared to the United Kingdom.

Please contact us for our latest salary survey of Romanian IT Skills.

Knight Hamilton also provide a complete range of offshore outsourcing services.