We can carefully identify uniquely talented executives to match our clients company requirements and to enhance their competitive positioning and performance. As an executive search firm, we are hired by companies to discreetly search for, identify and attract qualified candidates for senior executive level positions.

We can provide the best of what a city head hunter and recruitment company can offer (speed, variety and flexibility)  to obtain highly sought after individuals.with the latest skills) etc.(combined with a highly flexible and competitive pricing strategy).

Knight Hamilton Headhunting is a UK and international Headhunting, Executive Search and Recruitment Company based in the City of London UK - providing senior executives and managers as well as key technical candidates. We work at high speed to fill serious senior management gaps and offer the highest levels of quality and service.

We headhunt and recruit senior executives and senior managers including CEO, MD, FD, HR Director, IT Director, Change Director, Operations Manager, Project Manager, IT Manager, Telecoms Manager, Finance Manager, Technical Managers and skilled IT candidates.

If necessary we can discreetly and quickly headhunt particular highly talented individuals acording to a clients specific criteria including skills in  the latest New Technology Areas  -  IT, Telecoms, Big DataIT Security,  Also Human ResourcesMarketingSales, Business Development, Manufacturing, Operations, Supply Chain, On Line Gaming etc.