Candidates Services Knight Hamilton provide a range of candidate services:


We have continual vacancies for managerial, technical and general job opportunities.

We choose to have only a selected number of search assignments (headhunting) as we specialize in finding very successful candidates, who are highly sought after for their proven leadership, industry and management experience and their niche technology skills.
We therefore have only a selected number of vacancies for key positions.

Coaching and Training

We provide Coaching and Training in many areas
-- At our seminars and training courses, or on a one to one basis.
  • Coaching
  • Corporate Training
  • Sales Training
  • CV Advice
  • Interviews Advice
  • Career Advice


  • Business Skills
  • Outplacement
  • Career Development    Get the right job for your career  now  - Career Development Seminars
  • Life Development
  • Image Improvement

Corporate Training

Corporate training for business development, sales, marketing, technical management and technical skills etc.

Sales Training

We are experienced at sales training on all levels.

Job Search Training

  • Job search, job survival, job market analysis and future employment trends
  • CV Advice
  • Interviews Advice
  • Career Advice
  • Career Development Seminars