Client Own Sales Team --Training Sales Rescue provides very experienced teams of interim IT sales and marketing managers, IT sales executives, IT sales contractors and IT sales temps -- at short notice in the UK and worldwide -- for clients that need urgent sales and marketing help.
Sales and marketing professionals from other industries are also available.

We are also experienced at sales training on all levels.

Our Training Areas include:

  • Closing sales, New business sales, Account development
  • Major account development and management, Enterprise sales
  • Sales motivation
  • IT and Telecoms markets and applications
  • Telemarketing, telesales, call agents training
  • Business development
  • Channel development, recruitment and management
  • Seminar speaking, Public speaking
  • Negotiation skills

The training is carried out by our very experienced senior sales managers.
The training can be carried out on our clients premises or in hotels etc.

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William Knight-Hamilton is also available for sales training.
William has been in the IT and Telecoms industry for nearly 40 Years (including sales for 30 years) and he has wide experience in IT and Telecoms business development, sales, sales management (building sales teams) and large project technical support.
William also speaks at industry and recruitment seminars as an industry commentator on Key Technology Issues and technology directions. i.e. our clients appreciate his market awareness of the key issues and leading-edge developments in the IT and Telecoms market place, as well as his depth of experience.

We recommend that we carry out a study of our clients sales environment prior to commencing sales training. We can then provide relevant and specific sales training for our clients product and market.

Additional Services

We provide experienced sales and marketing professionals including:
Interim marketing executive, interim marketing managers, interim executive manager, UK interim management, UK interim manager, interim sales management, interim sales managers, sales effectiveness consultant, sales coaching team, independent sales contractor.

Our immediate sales and marketing help includes:
Increase sales marketing strategy, increase in sales immediately, sales process consulting, sales effectiveness consulting business, sales specialist recruitment, advanced sales manager support, sales team motivation.

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