Knight Hamilton is a leading provider of change managers and change management consultants.
If you need specialist skills for a critical change initiative or if you have a change strategy, but lack the management resources to deliver it, or if change management is distracting your managers - we can provide experienced change managers to assist you now.

Our change management interim managers will help you to:

– Manage the smooth introduction of business changes.
– Deliver improvements such as cost reduction, waste elimination, better throughput, accelerated R&D and supply-chain streamlining in often tight timeframes.
– Identify new ways of improving business performance.

Our Skills Bank has many change-management and business-improvement specialists, plus thousands of senior managers drawn from every business function. They can be on your site in days, supporting one-off change projects or complex, long-term change programmes.

Knight Hamilton have numerous handpicked change managers who can start within a few days.

Available for projects - as individuals or in teams:
Interim or Permanent
Results-based remuneration welcomed

Our change managers not only talk strategy – they deliver it.

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