Career Development Seminars - One day (series)
(These also include Outplacement training areas)

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Whether you are happy or unhappy with your present job and want to obtain another position where you can achieve your career goals, or you are currently not working and seeking a suitable job as soon as possible, these seminars can help you.
The next alternative dates for these one-day seminars are as follows:
(additional dates and days of the week are available)

Monday 4 August Seminar 2
Saturday 16 August Seminar 1
Monday 1 September Seminar 2
Saturday 13 September Seminar 3
Monday 22 September Seminar 1

Location -- Central London Hotel

It will be an enjoyable day and a chance to reflect on your career, as well as enjoy the company and ideas of the other executives at the seminar.

The seminars will be a valuable investment in your career development and we look forward very much to the opportunity of helping you to get your ideal job. Each seminar will provide an introduction to one of the following three important group areas.
Please choose any seminar, or all three seminars, if you wish.

Seminar 1

  • Take control of your career
  • Job market analysis
  • Future employment trends
  • Job survival
  • Job opportunities --e.g. I.T. and Telecoms
  • Personal skills assessment
  • Target your career

Seminar 2

  • Career MOT and analysis
  • Job search methods & strategy
  • Producing a professional CV
  • Getting the interview
  • Interview techniques (CCTV)
  • Communication skills
  • Image improvement

Seminar 3

  • Motivation and empowerment
  • Presentation skills (CCTV)
  • Public speaking (CCTV)
  • Getting into:
    – Sales
    – Technical support
    – Contracting
    – IT, Telecoms etc.

Further one-day seminars -- covering each of the above areas in more detail, and run on a workshop basis, with practical sessions, are also available.