Even if an executive is currently employed and happy with their job, there is still a need for Active Career Management (ACM) and Career Targeting to achieve their ambitions in their chosen timescales.

There is also always a need to be ready for job-search, as a result of increasing job insecurity. Today, with so many executives chasing a rapidly reducing number of job vacancies, it is becoming a necessity for executives to have an up to date awareness of the job market and future employment trends, as well as the very best job-search skills and tools.

These should include a methodical and targeted approach to job-search, good interview skills and a professional current CV.

Career Development Seminars and one to one coaching include:

  • Take control of your career, Career MOT, Personal skills analysis
  • Job search, job survival, professional CV, employment trends
  • Interview/presentation skills using CCTV, public speaking
  • Motivation and empowerment
  • Getting into sales, technical support, contracting, IT, Telecoms etc.
  • CVs designed

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