We have listed just some of the important tips below.

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Today with so many executives chasing a rapidly reducing number of job vacancies, it is a necessity for candidates to have an up-to-date awareness of the job market and future employment trends, together with a targeted Career Plan and the very best job search skills and tools. These should include a professional current CV, a methodical and targeted approach to job search and good interview skills.

Career Development Advice

1) Take charge of your career -- No job for life anymore.
  • Target your career -- or you may end up in a career siding or unemployed.
  • Your last two jobs are crucial as they point the way to the next job.
  • Your current job is a stepping stone to your next important job.
  • Avoid closed-off opportunities.
  • Ideally stay at least 2 years in each job.
  • There is a need to build career resilience.
  • Carry out an annual personal skills assessment.
  • Prepare your negotiating position for your next job interview.
  • Develop a Career Strategy and take your strategy forward.
  • Produce a 2 and a 5 year Career Plan with milestones.
  • Review the job market.
  • Assess future employment trends.
  • Jobs are destroyed by technology, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, re-engineering, the global village and the third world.

2) Considerations include:
  • What is the shelf life of my knowledge and skills.
  • How often to update my skills, how long will my skills last, are there any areas closing off.
  • What do I want from my career ie. my career length and direction.
  • Am I at a career crossroads.
  • What are my long-term prospects in the company.
  • What are my companies prospects.
  • How long will my industry sector last.
  • Which jobs position me for career advancement and ensure that my skills will be in demand in the future.
  • Which companies will invest in my training and development.

My Career Objectives should be -- to attract a suitable employer, in an area of work that is going to last, which will enable me to make further investments in my skills and experience, so that I will have a sound base from which to secure the next stage of my career path.