1) KH own extensive candidates database
2) KH worldwide network
3) Networking - Seminars etc - including - our own KH seminars
4) KH web site - We know all of the web site marketing methods etc.
5) Internet - We use the latest candidate search techniques
6) We select the "best of breed" recruitment agencies in any industry - and choose only the very best candidates - for our final selection.

7) Stealth headhunting - option

Usually the best candidates are reasonably happy with their present employer – often your competitors.

If a client wishes - We can headhunt key personnel from these companies on our clients behalf with discretion and confidentiality. We can find these key candidates and often persuade them to accept our clients offer to work for them. This involves our total confidentiality and discretion at all times.

Recruitment companies do not usually headhunt so they are not experienced in the methods of headhunting.

Our final selection of our candidates

We then make the crucial final selection of candidates from all of our sources
It is the same final selection process, whatever industry we are searching to find candidates.

We then present our clients with just " 2 or 3 " candidates who will be very close to our clients specific ideal candidate profile - for our clients final selection.

We manage the complete recruitment process on our clients behalf.