Call Centres - Nearshore

Call Centres – Romania and Bulgaria

Knight Hamilton provide very low cost call centre services from Romania due to their distinct advantages -- but we also provide call centre services from other countries.

We outsource our UK clients call center operations or build and operate call centres on behalf of our UK companies.

We offer the lowest cost but high quality call centres with our call agents - from less than £5 per hour. We offer both Outbound and Inbound services. e.g. Telesales campaigns, customer service and technical support.

Our call agents all have excellent "clear" English, pleasant personalities and a "can do" attitude.
They have excellent clear English and very similar culture to the UK.

Romanians are the best linguists in Europe:

"Romanians are the best foreign language speakers in Europe" -- according to The Eastern European Translators Association. According to a study made by this organization 60% of the Romanians speak a foreign language, usually English. Some 25% of them speak 2 foreign languages.

Romanians speak more languages - Giving UK clients more market opportunities and therefore more clients. Also a better service for existing clients.

The Romanian workforce has good knowledge of English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Romanian and Hungarian.

Only 2 hours time difference to the UK
-- So UK staff and Romanian call agents work in a similar time zone
-- So calls to the UK can be made during UK normal daytime hours and Romanian working hours

Only 3 hours flight time - from the UK
-- So if necessary - Call centre review meetings can take place by travelling to Romania and returning on the same day or the next day
-- Or visits can be easily made to the UK by our Romanian project managers.

Romania has so many proven advantages.

Knight Hamilton also provide a complete range of offshore outsourcing services.